What is a Planning Consultant?

Samantha Thomas of CarneySweeney explains what Planning Consultants do, and how they can help you.. 

Planning consultants offer advice and support on all matters relating to planning and development for building and renovation projects and the change of use of land or buildings.

Planning permission can be extremely complex, particularly given the changing nature of legislation and policy. Consultants have an expert knowledge of planning policy and regulation and understand the details and constraints of the planning system. They can therefore offer their expertise on whether there is a planning solution and if so, what is the most efficient and cost-effective way to proceed.

The range of advice can vary from the provision of initial advice about what approach to take for planning, through to being involved with all stages of the design process. 

Planning consultants can manage and complete planning applications, which can often be detailed, time consuming and obscure and can also advise on the promotion of land for development.

A planning consultant can be involved as little or as much as a client requires, but typically the main areas of work include:

  • Conducting research into the town planning feasibility of the development, which will include assessing the local area, reviewing Local Plans, and assessing the current situation in terms of other developments or planning applications in the area.
  • Working with and appointing design experts to create all development and design briefs, which will be included in the planning application for consideration.
  • Researching and assessing what the impacts of the project would be on the locality. Instructing surveys on drainage, wildlife and arboriculture for example, as required.
  • For large projects, there will often be the need for Local Plan representations, or public exhibitions of the plans, which need to be organised and managed.
  • The submission of planning applications, and if required, conducting a Section 78 appeal. Monitoring the progress of the applications and providing advice and guidance if clarification is sought by the relevant Planning Authority.
  • Submitting and managing post approval matters such as condition discharge.

CarneySweeney offer the full range of planning services and can support you in any or all of the above tasks for a range of development proposals.

As the Planning Ambassador for Exeter PDF Samantha Thomas is available to offer advice at the upcoming Exeter events.

T: 07821 679721
E: samantha.thomas@carneysweeney.co.uk



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