Quintet Construction Management recovers failing projects the ‘Low Risk’ way – here’s how.

This year Quintet Construction Management Ltd has had to step in and save two failed main contractor projects.  Both projects are high end residential builds and 60% complete.  Why the contractors failed to complete these projects is another story, this article explains why construction management is the way forward, to pick up the pieces.  On both projects we have continued forward using the procurement route.

The procurement route refers to the method by which a construction project is organised, financed, and managed from inception to completion. We have identified all the remaining works outstanding and any works that are substandard.  We then packages the up and engage with the subcontractors directly on behalf of the client.  We can engage with the new subcontractors, or the existing ones if a reconciliation can be made,  and get the project moving with little down time.

Here’s how the procurement route can help failed construction projects:

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI): ECI is a procurement approach where contractors are involved early in the project’s design phase. This allows for their expertise to be utilised in identifying potential issues, cost-saving opportunities, and value engineering solutions. For a failed project, ECI can bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to rectify problems and ensure successful completion.

Construction Management (CM): Under the construction management procurement route, a professional construction manager is appointed to oversee the project on behalf of the client. CM offers flexibility and transparency in project delivery, allowing for greater control over budget, schedule, and quality. For a failed project, engaging a competent construction manager can provide the necessary expertise to identify underlying issues, implement corrective measures, and steer the project back on track.

Negotiated Contracts: In certain cases, failed construction projects may benefit from negotiated contracts where parties collaborate to find mutually acceptable solutions. This approach allows for greater flexibility in addressing project-specific challenges, resolving disputes, and renegotiating terms to better align with the project’s objectives and constraints.

Our client faced the prospect of putting their failed project out to tender to other principal contactors.  These costs would have included lots of risk and reward as rarely do contractors want to take over sites that are already in progress.  We have enabled the client to take back ownership of their site and move forward, with low risk and only paying the true cost to complete the project.

Of course, these projects come with their own baggage and we help the clients navigate their contractual procedures and obligations.  Ultimately, they will have the project complete to a new programme and with new enthusiasm we help turn the project from  dismay to  success.

Ideally, we prefer to be involved in projects from their concept stages, but this service unfortunately is in demand.  If you have a project that is not going well, please get in touch.  We may be able to assist your contractor to get the project back on track, before the project comes to a standstill.

Allister Parr. Director. Quintet Construction Management.

Contact: allister@quintet-cm.co.uk



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