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The Forum started as a small group of people interested in property, meeting, exchanging ideas and opportunities. We soon discovered that there was a broad network of people, from very experienced developers to people starting out on their property development journey, who were looking for a community and that is what the Property Development Forum has become.

We’re so pleased you’ve taken an interest in what we do. You are very welcome, whatever your interest or experience in property, and we hope you can join us at one of our monthly, in person, meetings at venues across the Southwest. Informal events where property developers, investors and owners come together to share, meet and learn from each other and from the property professionals in the room.

About you

About You

Is the Property Development Forum for you?

Well, there are a few things we know about you so far…

You have an interest in property development! What we don’t know is what that interest looks like or what experience is behind it but that doesn’t matter. We’re a community that is open to all and at our events you’ll meet experienced developers looking for new projects or partnerships, you’ll met complete novices looking to learn, make new connections and get guidance. You’ll meet property professionals whose knowledge can be an invaluable resource.

The next thing we know about you is you want to meet like minded people. Any networking is about developing contacts and growing your reach, and the fact you’re here shows that’s something you’re looking to do.

There’s a lot more about you we don’t know but we do hope you decide to change that by joining us at one of our upcoming events. Come along, introduce yourself, meet property people in your area, and take advantage of the expertise and opportunities in the room.

We’re a community and whatever you’re experience, or ambition, you’re very welcome.

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Tony Horsey
Tony Horsey
Founder of the Property Development Forum

About PDF

Property Development Community in the Southwest

Our events are relaxed, informal, meet ups for anyone with an interest in property development. We bring people together in an environment of constructive and creative networking with the invaluable support of our Ambassadors.

Each Ambassador is an experienced professional in the fields of architecture, planning, project delivery, finance, law, acquisition and sales. Having experts on hand has proven to be an invaluable and unique asset for the Forum and they are at the centre of what we do.

Whilst these events are at the heart of the PDF, a community isn’t built on simply networking, it’s built on the people in it, a shared experience, trust and the opportunities this creates.

The Forum has grown over the last three years, to include people from every corner of the property development arena; from complete novices looking for guidance or support with their first project, to the founders of development companies delivering dozens of houses each year, and pretty much everything in between.

We’ve created an environment where small investors have come together to share knowledge and experience, formed joint venture businesses, and taken on greater opportunities.

We’ve sourced and introduced projects that have brought property owners and developers together to take projects forward. Through contacts in the Forum, we’ve seen multiple development projects come to life; from simple small ‘commercial to resi’ conversions and large hotel conversions to new build multi-home developments.

We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved, very excited by what‘s still to come, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

Our Ambassadors

We have a team of Ambassadors for each of our locations – experts in their field, and our preferred partners – from each sector of property development.  Our Ambassadors are on hand at each of our events to provide professional guidance and expertise to attendees.

meet | connect | learn

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