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PDF Academy

In response to the increasing calls for us to provide a training and development element to the Property Development Forum events, we have utilised the unparalleled expertise within our Network to bring about our first Academy Day – our Development Appraisal Workshop. 

We will host these events on an ad hoc basis.  

Check out the jam-packed day we have planned for Saturday, 29 June – and let’s see if we can get you your next deal! 

 Development Appraisal Workshop

A day long training session to work through a property development appraisal based around a live project.  A property will be selected from the upcoming AHSW catalogue (attendees will be able to appraise their own projects if preferred), and we’ll work through an appraisal. 

The day will be broken into 3 x 2hr sessions, covering:



  1. Session 1 – The Best Solution
    Understanding different development options, disposal strategies and the risks & value of solution
  2.  Session 2 – Different Development Options
    Establish development costs and identify the most financially viable development solution for the property
  3. Session 3 – The Risks
    Understanding the development, programme and financial risks

At the end of the workshop, we’ll have a completed development appraisal for the preferred development solution.  The appraisal will include market analysis, planning assessment, development programme and cost plan.


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